Friday, November 30, 2007

Why Hillary Won't Win.

I didn't think I'd be writing about this least not at this stage in the election process.
In an earlier post-Pesidential Election Predictions- I predicted that Senator Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination for President but would lose the general election in Nov. 2008.I'm still holding to that prediction, though it looks as if I need to clarify things a bit.
An anonymous commenter took issue with me for writing,
"Come the televised Presidential debates in 2008, when the voters see Hillary Clinton coming across as the incarnation of the proverbial "angry ex-wife", the Republican candidate will zoom ahead.".
This commenter pointed out to me that Bill and Hillary were still married.When I wrote that particular sentence, it never entered by mind that anyone reading my blog would not have the words "incarnation" and "proverbial" in her vocabulary.Never-the-less, I feel the time as come for me to expand upon that statement.
Like it or not, the sad fact is, there are a large number of voters in this country who will decide for whom they will vote- not based on political ideas or experience or the candidate's qualifications, but on touchy-feely imagery and appearances.They will pick a candidate because on how he or she makes them feel.
There are far too many people who will vote for or against a candidate based on the candidate's gender, race, height and the amount of hair the candidate has.
The candidate that comes across better on television will be the winner.
Hillary doesn't stand a chance.She does not have a likable personality; she doesn't know how to laugh and when she begins her banshee screech on T.V., the game will be over.
She may not actually be any body's ex-wife but that is the image she conveys.Too many men will see her and say to themselves, "Oh my's my ex-wife!". Too many women will see her and say, "Holy #$%$#@&^ she reminds me of my husband's ( or boyfriend's or brother's or son's ) ex !!!".
I'm quite sure there are a good many Democrats who know that what I'm saying is the truth , but they'll be powerless to stop their party from nominating her.
Her "incarnation as the proverbial angry ex-wife" may be the biggest obstacle she has in her way but, it is far from being the only one.
Truth be known, Bill probably dreads the thought of Hillary becoming President and wouldn't stop at sabotaging her candidacy if she gets too close to winning.
I'll save that theory for another day.

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