Monday, December 31, 2007

Chelsea Clinton doesn't do Interviews.

Even though Hillary Clinton has been using her daughter Chelsea to gain support in Iowa, she's insisted that reporters steer clear of Chelsea.No interviews.No exceptions.
According to an article by Beth Fouhy on the MYWAY website, this ban includes interviews with 9 year old fourth graders.
Sydney Rieckhoff, a "kid reporter" for Scholastic News, has posed questions to Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls as they've campaigned across Iowa. When the kid approached Chelsea recently, she got a different response. When asked a question, Chelsea told the little girl reporter,
"I'm sorry, I don't talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately."
Evidently, the Clinton campaign wants Chelsea to simply smile and shake hands. They say it's to protect her privacy but, when you dive into the world of politics you forfeit that protection. It's more likely that Bill and Hillary don't want Chelsea making embarrassing comments like other politicians' family members have been known to do.

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