Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes,Sometimes the Truth isn't Convenient.

Contrary to what some would like us to believe, we will never get along completely with our fellow human beings.There will always be disagreements and differences of opinion.
There will always be a yin to every yang....a pro to every con. Up, down. Night , day.
Needless to say, not everyone agrees with my political views. But, I don't think I have to see eye to eye with someone in order to associate with them. I think I can be on fairly good terms with a Liberal, provided that person isn't an elitist as well.
I'm going to speak my mind and I'm not afraid of other folks opinions; even if those opinions are radically different than my own.
Not everyone feels that way. There are some who only want to surround themselves with like-minded people. Don't say anything disagreeable-don't point out the flaws in their arguments or way of thinking.
Don't disturb their little world view.
I will send links to photos of a developing fetus not only to my pro-life friends, but to the pro-choice advocates too.
I will send links to news items which contradict global warming not only to those who are already skeptical of "climate change" ; I'll send it along to people who should be more skeptical.
Some were upset that I sent the link to the video of Al Gore's views on gay marriage. There was no editorial comment from me....just a link to the video.
We need to know what these people think. You can agree or disagree with their views but, we need to hear them straight up.
After sending the link to a number of folks, I received an email, from an acquaintance, asking me to stop sending these little tidbits. I'm happy to do that, but, personally, I think a person should fight for the things they believe in and not be afraid to openly criticize ideas you think are wrong. Don't just surround yourself with "like-minded people".
If you think what I have to say is a load of crap, then provide the argument.....don't retreat to a world where everyone thinks the same as you.

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