Monday, February 25, 2008

A Crock of Apple Butter.

The photo above shows a crock filled with apple butter.General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz recently dismissed global warming as being a crock of something other than apple butter which could, never the less, be very close to apple butter in appearance.
This isn't the first time Lutz has made controversial statements in the area of 'autos versus the environment'. The article linked to above notes;
" As part of a campaign against higher fuel economy standards, Lutz wrote in a 2006 blog posting that forcing automakers to sell smaller cars would be 'like trying to address the obesity problem in this country by forcing clothing manufacturers to sell smaller, tighter sizes.' ".
Maybe Lutz was on to something. As I mentioned in a previous post, (More Dangerous Than Terrorism) there are "experts" claiming that governments need to spend more money on the problem of obesity.
I guess, we could just have the government provide coupons for skimpy clothing with monthly food stamps.

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