Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beginning of the End.

I've lived in Rome, GA for thirty years. When I moved here in 1980, I knew only two people who called this small town their home. Now, obviously, I know many,many more. Of those hundreds of folks, I do not know anyone who is a member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church; at least I don't know anyone who admits to attending services there.

I wish I did know someone who calls St. Peter's their church home. I'd be very interested in knowing their reaction to the recent ordination of Mary Glasspool as bishop of the Los Angeles diocese. With this ordination, Glasspool became the second practicing homosexual to be named a bishop by the Episcopalians. An article about the ordination on says that Glasspool has been living with her lesbian partner since 1988.

Although the website for the national Episcopal Church [] devoted a good deal of space reporting on the event [Diane Bruce, Mary Glasspool consecrated bishops in joyous celebration in Los Angeles diocese] there was nary a word of the ordination on the website for the local church; Try as you might, you'll find no mention of the "seven processions, led by Korean drummers, University of California Riverside bagpipers, and the Taiko Project Drummers" - no mention of the mariachi band or the 125-voice choir which performed "musical selections from Nigerian, South African, Italian and other traditions."

Do the Episcopalians in this small, sleepy, conservative town support the action of the Episcopal Church in the United States or are the locals more in tune with the Anglican Mainstream worldwide which believes the Episcopal Church should withdraw or be "excluded from the Anglican Communion's representative bodies"?

The ordination of openly homosexual bishops, such as Mary Glasspool and Gene Robinson, has torn a hole in the fabric of the Anglican Communion; one which, I'm sure, will only widen and eventually destroy the Anglican movement as we know it.

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Al said...


Not 100% sure but from what I see on their website I don't think they are too happy with the new Bishop.

I say this based on what I know from the Church having been friends many years ago with some Episcopalians. These days the closest i come is a member of the Anglican Church in America which is part of the group asking for reunion with Rome.