Monday, August 26, 2013

The Obama Flag.

When I first came upon the photo showing Democrats carrying a U.S. flag with Obama's face on it, (thanks to LarryD) the idea came to me that perhaps I could locate one of these flags and burn it.

An online search lead me to where you can by the thing for just $24.95.

The description of the flag from the website is as follows:

" This is a US style Flag with President Barack Obama's face on it celebrating his re-election and showing suport for his leadership."

I copied & pasted the description ......yeah, "support" is misspelled.

Before one gets the idea that Ultimate Flags is some crazy Liberal organization, they also sell a Rebel Obama flag.

Not quite sure who'd buy that.

Naturally, the company has a Facebook page where they welcome comments on their handiwork.

Oddly enough, on their Facebook page, I found the following video.

 Anything for money, I suppose.

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