Saturday, November 8, 2014

Is There Anyone, Anywhere, Lamer Than Janis Ian?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, Janis Ian was a "one hit wonder" from the 1970's. Her claim to fame, is the sappy, emotionally draining, At 17 from 1975. I have to admit, I had to do a Google search for the date of the song.....I actually thought it was much older.

But, I'm not writing this post to voice my opinion on her lack of musical talent, but rather, her lack of common sense and political savvy.

I would not have given Ms. Ian a thought had not a Liberal friend posted on Facebook, a photo giving us her opinion on the recent midterm elections. The opinions expressed in the photo show her to be a typical, condescending Progressive. To her, the Americans who transformed the Congress from Democrat to Republican are little more than imbeciles incapable of judging for themselves what is in their best interest.

Going to her Facebook page, I found other photos with equally ridiculous points of view.

The second photo expresses pretty much the same condescending point as the first.

Ian calls this one - criticizing voter ID laws - a Godzilla Haiku . That Ian still uses Haiku should be a clue. I mean, is she still in 9th Grade?

The last of her posted photos wants us to believe that men do not want women to vote. Six new Republican women were elected to the US Congress this week as part of the Democrats’ staggering midterm defeat. I suppose only women voted for them.

Like far too many aging, hippie musicians, Ian can't leave the 1960's and 70's behind. She still falls for the same, tired, B.S. that we were fed fifty years ago.

Her way of thinking went out with lava lamps, black light posters and tied dyed t-shirts. Can we finally put them to rest ?


peter honig said...

you must be jealous of Janis Ian. She still is a great wonderful musician and nice human being..
and also probably right in her policitical views..why attack someone personally on their opinions.. not too sure about your own maybe??

Robert said...

Maybe I should change the title of this post to, "Is There Anyone,Anywhere,Lamer Than a Janis Ian Fan?"