Wednesday, December 24, 2014

North Korean Internet Goes Down.

In a recent article, [ No Superheroes in The Interview Cave-In ] Jonah Goldberg laments that America's response to the computer hackers who attacked Sony Pictures Entertainment and were "clearly henchmen for the North Korean regime", has been less than heroic.

It's pathetic when the most heroic response to the -so called- “Guardians of the Peace,” and their threat to bomb movie theaters, was Obama's comment that people should go to the movies.

In his newsletter, Goldberg suggests that our only honorable response to the North Koreans would have been, “Go f**k yourself.”

I couldn't agree more.

Now, according to, the U.S. may have done just that - in a passively aggressive manner, of course.

North Korea's Internet connection has been spotty since Friday, raising speculation that the U.S. government may have launched a cyberattack in reprisal for Pyongyang's alleged hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The article goes on to say that President Obama had earlier promised a "proportional response." Some are now speculating that a denial-of-service attack against North Korea was the proportional response promised.

Of course, not everyone believes that the U.S. government is responsible for the cyber attack against North Korea. The New York Times suggested that North Korea cut off the country's Internet connection itself to prevent a cyberattack against it.

According to,

The sole route for the internet into North Korea is through China. It may be that if the United States was behind the attack, China helped or at least turned a blind eye.

But we are in the realms of wild speculation now.

Was the attack worth it? According to Chang Yong Seok, an expert on North Korea at Seoul National University, a cyber attack on North Korea would not cause serious disruption and so be an exercise in futility.

"Even if their internet is shut down, the inconvenience will be shared only by members of the power elite."

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