Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Even Further Delays in the Case of the "Meditating Monk".

As I first noted in a blog post from February of this year, the followers of Ashutosh Maharaj, a religious leader who had been declared clinically dead in January 2014, have kept his body in a deep freezer, claiming that their leader is not deceased but in a samadhi - a deep state of meditation.

The disposal of Ashutosh Maharaj's body has been before the Indian courts for quite some time - it was reported in March that a final decision by the court would be on April 28.

April has come and gone with the cult leader's body still in deep freeze.

The only update I've been able to locate was an article from Sept. 30 reporting that the court has given the cult until November 30 to decide on it's own what will be the fate of their guru's frozen body.

I'll try to get further news on the monk around December 1. I can hardly wait.

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