Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bernie versus The Donald

Looking at the U.S. from the outside, I can see a real and distinct possibility - if not downright probability - that when the dust finally settles after the Presidential primary elections, the two candidates chosen to run for the job of POTUS, will be Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The American people are unhinged and angry enough to select these two impractical and irrational candidates as the Democrat and Republican combatants.

Both Sanders and Trump. in their own way, will be a continuation of the Obama legacy. Trump, as the ultimate, narcissistic empty suit candidate , and Sanders as the Santa Clausian provider of everything we desire.

The only difference between the two is that Trump appeals to the Right-Wing Lunatic Fringe, while Sanders appeals to the equally insane Left-Wing Kooks.

The Democrat voters seem to be falling head over heels for their only major candidate not headed for Federal penitentiary. The Republicans want to tar and feather those that they perceive as "Establishment".

After years of political divisiveness, the country is as conflicted as it can possibly become. Just how the U.S. will continue to survive the 21st Century is beyond me.

On the bright side - if one can call it that - neither President Trump nor President Sanders will be able to accomplish the changes each one wants to bring about. Nothing productive will come about and the country will continue to be divided.

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