Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trump's Military Parade

Everything has become so predictable. This is especially true regarding any and all reactions to President Trump.One group will support the President, regardless of what he says or does. Likewise, another group will attack Trump as a matter of course.

The Trumpanistas probably would support the POTUS if he committed a murder on Times Square and the Leftist anti-Trumpists would attack him even if he favored something which they had supported themselves.

Folks like myself, who try to remain objective, will not receive slack from either side should we say something even slightly for or against the President.

It came as no surprise to me when I received an email from change.org alerting me to a petition against Trump's plan to have a military parade and anyone who reads Mark Shea already knows how he'd react to the parade.

Just as we all know that the folks at the hill.com would love the idea of a military parade, we all know the Huffington Post would declare the parade to be a waste of money.

I'm not even surprised that the Atlantic would publish 2 opinion pieces - one 'fer it and one agin it.


Maybe, as an American living outside the USA, some might say I shouldn't have a say in all this. Perhaps they're right. But, really, this parade kerfuffle seems a bit much about nothing. Not even as a nothing burger.....more like a nothing tuna sandwich.

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