Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hillary's Racist Hand Gesture

I seem to recall that, not so long ago, the hand gesture we see Hillary using in this photo was called a "a white supremacist hand symbol" by some in the media. When a member of the evil "alt-right" movement makes the "ok sign", it is a secret, coded symbol of racism, but, when Hillary is photographed making the same gesture, it's all OK.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Morning Chores

After my morning walk, I drove out to the property in Magatas for a few chores. There was a little bit of weeding to be done. The squash plants appear to be doing fine. With luck, we can harvest the squash in early July.

The heaviest chore involved toting water from a nearby spring. Carrying a 2 1/2 - 3 gallon bucket (can't say what the exact size is) I made three trips to the spring to top off the 20 gallon (?) plastic trash can that sets near the piggery.

My wife believes the time has come to modernize the water supply source. We have two options. We can run water lines from the main road and hook up with the municipal water provider. My wife's papa estimates that we will need to run approximately 300 meters of line. The second option would involve installing a water pump onto the property. My father-in-law has a pump, rescued from an abandoned property. There is most definitely an underground water source on our property which can be tapped into. We would only need to have to hire someone to drill down to the water.

I'm for the 2nd option - my wife supports option one. We're checking on the cost of both options. We'll make the decision on which option we'll use next month.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Orwell That Ends Well

I'm nearly finished George Orwell's Burmese Days - only chapters 24 and 25 remaining. I've written about my difficulties downloading a copy of the novel in a previous post. In spite of the problems downloading the novel, I'd say reading the novel was worth the inconvenience I experienced.

In 2015, Orwell's Animal Farm made my reading list. I can't recall if I had read the book in my younger days - when I would have been obligated to do so. I'm reasonably certain that I've read Orwell's 1984 but I couldn't possibly say when that might have been. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to download a copy and read it now, while I'm reading other works by the writer.

I went to to repeat the process I followed with Burmese Days - copy - paste - convert to pdf - convert to mobi - one section at a time.

All seemed to be going well until I noticed an error in the on line version of the novel at the end of Part Two, Chapter Nine. Using the text on line at Project Gutenberg Australia, I was able to correct the error, but it made me wonder - If there was an error in Part Two of the novel as found at, could there be an error in Part One as well? Is it possible that the copy of Burmese Days found on contains an error that I'm unaware of?

I hope not. For two reasons - the obvious reason that I'd like to read Burmese Days as written, but also, I'd like to go even further and download other novels by Orwell and I'd like to be confident that the novels I download are error free. Is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Netizens have Little Concern for Hunter Killed by Elephant

The CNN story of a big game hunter being killed by an elephant was posted on Facebook and many of the netizens on social media showed little sympathy or concern for the hunter, Theunis Botha. CNN reported that Botha was crushed to death after an elephant, which his friends had fatally shot, collapsed on top of him.

Details were scarce in the CNN version of the story. One could easily get the impression from the report that Botha and his companions were hunting elephant when the a tragedy occurred. I read several comments on Facebook where folks were showing sympathy for the elephant, but none for Botha. Many felt it was his "instant Karma".

Not being satisfied with the CNN report, I went further into the story. A South African news site, did a more thorough job explaining what actually happened.

While does not mention the type of animals the group was hunting, the story does explain that Botha was a specialist in leopard hunting. I wouldn't hunt leopards, but I suppose there are valid reasons why the government in Zimbabwe (where the incident happened) permits it. Botha and his group happened upon a herd of elephants when 3 cows began charging the group where upon Botha shot at them. A fourth cow stormed them from the side and one of the hunters shot her after she’d lifted Botha with her trunk. The shot was fatal and as the cow collapsed, she fell on Botha.

Clearly, the killing of the elephant was in self defense. The group did not come upon the elephants with the intention of shooting any of them.

It is a tragedy that an elephant was killed, but the folks leaving nasty comments on Facebook are out of line. We should be praying for Botha and his wife and their five children.

Some people on Facebook make me sick.

Headless VW Beetle

Late this afternoon, we had business on the opposite side of Dumaguete. When we had finished, we needed an alternate route home to Sibulan; the traffic going over the Banica River via Real Street was bumper to bumper. I had a difficult time crossing over earlier and I was not going to return home that way.

We were at the NSO and we knew of another road we could take, that would take us past the Ceres Bus Garage. All went well until we reached the Banica River again at a spot known as the Over Flow. Normally, the river flows underneath the road at this point, but if the water is especially high, it was flow over the road - hence the name, Over Flow. As we approached, the river was flowing over the road. Some vehicles were driving through the water, but I had learned my lesson in the U.S. and would not drive across the Over Flow.

We turned around and went back toward Jose Romero Road. Rather than turn right onto Jose Romero, we turned left in the direction of Valencia. My wife knew of an alternate route which would take us to Sibulan by going around our asses to get to our elbows, so to speak.

Don't ask me to explain the route. I couldn't do it again on my own. We did manage to come out near Camanjac. I knew my way after that.

Before reaching Camanjac, we passed by this headless VW Beetle, so I had to pull over for a photo.