Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Foreign Exchange Student Expelled

As the old saying goes "It's a small world....but, I wouldn't want to paint it !"
No sooner had I published a blog entry on Alouette when I received several emails an email from my many readers reader telling me of an incident involving the song.
Obviously bowing to pressure from P.E.T.A and other "politically correct" interest groups, a high school located in a small town in north Georgia has banned the singing of the well known folk song on school grounds.
I tried phoning the school's principal, Bud Tugley, but was told by his secretary that he was not giving interviews to bloggers.
Rather than editorialize,I decided to put a link to a news article relating to the story here. I'm sure with our combined efforts we can FREE HEYWOOD JADOIT !!!!

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Olga said...

Hi Robert,

not that i am casting some sort of judgment or anything against anyone, but when i read the lyrics of the song when i first visited your blog, the truth is, i did not like it. it is the kind of song that i wouldn't allow my daughter abby to sing. not that i am afraid of raising some sort of serial killer as was mentioned in the news item... it's just that i am raising her to respect nature and all of God's creatures.

I know that it is a fact of life that animals have to be slaughtered before they come to our tables, and maybe it is hypocritical of me to claim that i am revolted by the thought of plucking feathers, but the fact is there ... i pity these animals. how i wish that a more humane way could be devised such that not one of them would have to suffer or feel any pain or fear.

i am happy that my influence is having the effects that i hoped for in abby. two weeks ago, a nestling fell from its nest in her schoolgrounds, and boys started crowding around the little bird. abby became very anxious that they might kill it. she rushed to the principal's office and came back with principal, Sister Marissa in tow!

we always watch national geographic and discovery channel. she is very aware of the realities of life that there has to be a predator and a prey, that there are creatures that have to perish so that others will live. but she is also aware that we people, if we have to be the predator, have to be as human as we possibly can, and to do our utmost not to inflict any unneccessary pain on any creature.

i am really very happy that she has learned not to kill any of God's creatures unless she really has to - like those mosquitoes or cockroaches or flies ... but other than that, she has learned that the rest have to be allowed to live as is their right in this world.

although the bird or chicken in the song is obviously dead, still, for me, to sing nonchalantly about it is kind of horrible.

if a song similar to that is in our dialect, abby will definitely not ever learn it ... i am afraid that it would desensitize her, much like what TV does with violence.