Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awaiting the Debate.

Writing in on March 4, 2009, Bob Ellis rightly points out that team Obama may well have outsmarted itself by taking on Rush Limbaugh.

"President Obama’s operatives–paid and unpaid (some of whom have shown their electronic faces here)–have tried to make the case that any Republican (who ostensibly should be grateful for Limbaugh’s advocacy of Republican values) who refuses to slam Limbaugh is somehow gutless and afraid to challenge the radio talk show host. They seek to divide the GOP by implying that anyone who is afraid to stand up to Rush Limbaugh is weak and fearful."

Tired of pussyfooting around, Rush has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Obama to a debate on his radio program. Rush has offered to fly Obama (and his Secret Service) down to "EIB Headquarters", put them up at a five star resort and even feed them the same $100 a pound beef than Obama serves at the White House.

As Ellis points's unlikely to happen.
Obama knows that in a one on one debate....without teleprompters or notes, Rush would take Obama to the cleaners.

When he refuses to debate Rush, he'll be shown as the gutless wimp he really is.

Too would have been interesting.

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