Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on "Climate Change" video.

This past September I posted an article on how Celebs Sing to Stop Global Warming.

As I mentioned then, 55 celebrities had gotten together to re-record Midnight Oil's hit "Beds are Burning" to raise awareness of climate change.

The new recording and accompanying video created such a yawn that I had completely forgotten about it until I accidentally came across the video last night. From an artistic POV, the re-do is unremarkable. The instrumentation, however, is surprisingly well done - considering that so many "musicians" had their grubby little hands in it.

The same cannot be said for the reworked lyrics. The lyrics, "The time has come to take a stand. It's for the Earth. It's for our land." could have come from the pen of a high school student. I could only laugh when, later in the song, "cure" is rhymed with "Timbuktu". I guess, finding a rhyme for "Bum@#$% Egypt" was beyond them.

These particular celebrities are so not famous, that it was deemed necessary to put up each "artists'" name so we'd be able to identify them.

The "ticking clock" animation might have been a revolutionary cinematic affect when Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton were around. I guess the high school student who decided to use it was a friend of the lyricist.

Of course, no need to take my word on this.....just watch the video for yourself.

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