Monday, October 5, 2009

RHOF emails.

As I mentioned in an earlier post - Neal Ignorant, Cowardly Bully.- while I may not disagree with Neal Boortz on every issue, I can never agree with his position on abortion.

It spite of Boortz' abominable views on abortion, I felt that his induction into the Radio Hall of Fame was completely appropriate. He's been on the air since Marconi and has contributed quite a lot to talk radio. I obliged when he went on the air and asked his listeners to go to the Radio Hall of Fame website and vote for him.

When he won, I received an email from the radiohof letting me know that I could let Boortz know I support him by having my name printed on a tribute page of the program for the Radio Hall of Fame presentation. It would only cost me $25 for the privilege.

Are they kidding? I've received my share of outrageous emails, but this one has to top the list.
Kelvin Williams, Nigerian scammer, has a better chance of getting money from me than the radio Hall of Fame.

Oh yeah, it's not just Boortz. When I voted for him, I also voted for Dr. Demento in another category and received the same offer from the RHOF to have my name listed in his tribute. They won't be getting money from me on this either.

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