Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Ignorant, Cowardly Bully and the SBA List.

Radio talk-show host, Neal Boortz ( AKA the the ignorant, cowardly bully) has some very odd views on abortion. His views on the subject appear to be stuck in the 1970's. I suspect that is when his current views were formed and he hasn't given any real, open-minded thought on abortion since then. His mind is closed on this ....not even allowing callers to mention abortion; he'll occasionally give us his thoughts on abortion but will not entertain any contrary opinion.

Boortz claims that nearly all the emails he receives concerning abortion are written from men. ( I'm not sure how he can identify the gender of every email username.) That's, evidently, enough evidence for him to declare that the "anti-choicers" are men who want to keep women under their proverbial thumbs. In Boortz' world, all women are "pro-choice" who favor legalized abortion.

I'm not sure how he'd explain The Susan B. Anthony List - an organization made up of self described pro- life feminists. I've never heard him mention the group's founder and president Marjorie Dannenfelser.

How does Boortz explain pro-life candidate,Carly Fiorina's victory in the California Senate Republican primary?

Likewise, how would Boortz explain pro-life candidate Sharron Angle’s victory in the Nevada Senate Republican primary?

In Neal Boortz' limited world view, pro-life feminists do not exist and therefore incapable of winning a political victory. Perhaps if he were to open his mind to the issue and discuss this with his listeners he might learn a thing or two.

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Al said...

As someone who supports the SBA List, I know that they clearly do not fit into his world view.

You said "Boortz claims that nearly all the emails he receives concerning abortion are written from men." Is that the exact wording he used. because if it is, he isn't making it clear what percentage support or oppose abortion. He could be getting just as many in support but failing to mention that fact. & as for IDing gender, you are right about raising that question.