Thursday, June 24, 2010

No More “General Betray Us”.

When I first learned of Obama's dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal and his replacing him with General David Petraeus, I immediately thought of the 2007 ad which referred to the General as "General Betrayus".

I wanted to refresh my memory - I wanted to be certain of the facts before putting my thoughts down on (virtual) paper, so to speak. Step one: Google the phrase "General Betrayus". Unfortunately, any link to the original moveonorg ad proved to be a dead end; it's as if the advertisement criticizing the General was merely a figment our collective imagination.

I wasn't the first to notice this. The website Weasle Zippers documents evidence that references to the ad has been removed from after Petraeus was chosen as Obama's man in Afghanistan.

Fortunately for us, the ad has been preserved in other locations.

Yesterday, the Left ridiculed General Petraeus, but now, the question is being put forth "Is the Petraeus Decision the Most Widely Praised Thing President Obama Has Ever Done?"

Obama's decision is now being hailed as "a masterstroke", "a stroke of brilliance, an unassailable move, politically and strategically". One writer, Victor Davis Hanson, calls the move "workmanlike and wise in its emphasis on continuity of strategy".

Hanson also notes;

"It is one of ironies of our present warped climate that Petraeus will face far less criticism from the media and politicians than during 2007–8 (there will be no more “General Betray Us” ads or “suspension of disbelief” ridicule), because his success this time will reflect well on Obama rather than George Bush."

While Obama's toadies are calling his latest decision a surprisingly brilliant move, I, on the other hand, view this choice as the obvious one for Obama. Petraeus is, most probably, the only other General our President has heard of.

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