Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog Post Update.

Too bad I don't understand Finnish........if I did, I'd know how I managed to get one of my posts onto a Finnish website.

A couple of days ago, someone in Finland, who had taken a liking to my story about Al Gore suing the owner of the Sun for damages caused by global warming, put a link to it on Soon, the page was being visited by folks from Helsinki to Oulu to Espoo and back again.

The post in question is nearly a year old; the Finns are just now discussing it.
Oddly,none bothered to click on the "news source" link - Al Gore Sues Sun's Owner Over Global Warming.

As we can see on the right, this post is the most popular one on the blog........what you can't see is that, as of this writing, it's been viewed over 7,000 times, yet, not one of this 7000 visitors took one second to click on a Google ad.