Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NASA's Lunar No-Fly Zones Explained.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that, earlier yesterday morning, I had heard on Neal Boortz' radio program that NASA was declaring certain areas of the Moon as no-fly zones.

I thought the announcement a bit odd, but didn't give it much thought until yesterday evening.

A search of the Internet led me to an article at the Referencing an article from Science the writer explained that, because of the $30 million in prize money from Google and the X Prize Foundation, NASA felt the need to protect the historic and scientific value of sites containing artifacts from America's voyages to the Moon. Due to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty which says that the lunar surface has no owner, NASA's no-fly zone is not legally binding, but the agency felt that it needed to safeguard the discarded food and astronaut feces at the Apollo landing sites.

As one might expect, not everyone is buying NASA's explanation for the no-fly zones.

One writer suggest that NASA is holding back scientific progress by demanding these restrictions. He also suggests that the reason behind the lunar no-fly zones is that the Apollo lunar landings were actually a hoax.

Writers for other websites - such as ufodigest and realufos(1) realufos(2) - maintain that these restricted sites are military bases. Obviously, according to these folks, NASA does not want China or India (who will certainly have lunar expeditions in the near future) learning of these secret lunar bases. I'm sure that when China or India or whoever may win the Google Lunar X Prize declares that there are no lunar military bases, these ufologists will put forth the idea that, either NASA has bribed (or frightened) those involved, or that NASA has some sort of cloaking device which has made the bases invisible.

I want to make it clear that I don't fall in with those who deny that we've been to the Moon. This video is all the evidence I need.

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