Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three and one half Time Outs Tuesday - the Beatles edition.

LarryD may have forgotten that today is 3 1/2 Time Outs Tuesday but I haven't.

According to this story at The Smoking Gun, a 47 year old woman in Florida was arrested for prostitution for agreeing to have sex with an undercover cop in exchange for 2 double cheese burgers off the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

The arrest occurred on a Friday.......yet another reason to avoid eating meat on Fridays. Perhaps she might have been OK had the cops been out on Meat Free Mondays.

Speaking of Paul McCartney (you did click on the link above, right?)
Sons of 3 of the Beatles are up for forming a band. Haven't sighed up either of Ringo's kids yet.

They should know their effort isn't necessary. After all the 2 dead Beatles have already reincarnated and will be, huh, stiff competition.

It's being reported that Obama's accusing Romney of having ties to Big Oil. And as we all know, Big Oil Offed John Lennon. Doesn't this all tie in so well?

The European Court of Justice has ordered a Dutch wheelchair manufacturer to stop calling one of their electric models the 'Beatle'. The court said that many baby boomers might now be in the market for a wheelchair and might therefore be susceptible to such [false] advertising.

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