Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 1/2 Time Outs Tuesday: The Radio Edition.

It's Tuesday, and time again for 3 1/2 Time-Outs-Tuesday.

 1) I'm not quite sure who thought it was a good idea for former Governor Mike Huckabee to go up against Rush Limbaugh in the talk radio arena. I don't have any animosity towards Huckabee; I just think he's a bit bland.

Now, I might tune in to his radio show if he were put up against Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz or even Sean Hannity. I just don't see many of Rush's listeners switching to Huckabee.

The last few days, Rush has had a number of guest hosts filling in. That would be my oppourtunity to give Huckabee a listen. I wouldn't change the dial if Mark Steyn were hosting, but Mark Davis and Mary Matalin don't hold my interest. Huckabee is just barely more interesting than those two. He doesn't stand a chance against Limbaugh.  

2) Speaking of Sean Hannity, this writer says Hannity set Twitter on fire by "suggesting the if the poor were starving that they could eat rice and beans”.

I didn't read the Tweet; I wasn't listening to Hannity's radio program when he "challenged the notion that that Americans living in poverty are going to bed hungry".

 I've always felt that the government's food stamp program was wasteful. It seems to me that it might be better - both financially and from a nutritional aspect - if food stamps could only be used to purchase basic items, such as flour, rice, dried beans, eggs, milk and a limited amount of meat. No junk food - no processed, packaged food.

Unfortunately, the food stamp and welfare system isn't designed to help the poor, but rather to keep the poor dependent on the politicians.  

3) Nearly every radio talk show play ads for incomeathome.com. One would think that, with all the celebrity endorsements, there must be something to it all. When I went out of work for surgery, I thought I'd look into the company. I was thinking that I could make a few extra bucks while at home recuperating.

 No such luck.

 incomeathome.com is simply a cover for selling Herbalife products. After talking to a "coach", I was not impressed. There may be money to be made by some folks, but the whole think was just not a good fit for me.

 1/2)  It's being reported elsewhere, but listening to Neal Boortz this AM, I learned that NASA will classify certain areas of the Moon as "no fly zones".

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LarryD said...

"No fly zones" on the moon. Who's going to enforce them?

And has anyone told the Decepticons about this no-fly zone?