Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Students Pepper Sprayed.

From The;
"Chaos as College Students Pepper Sprayed While Trying to Crash Board Meeting".

"A group of rowdy students at Santa Monica College in California were pepper sprayed on Tuesday after they tried to storm a Board of Trustees meeting. The students are upset about a two-tier pricing plan to increase fees for certain summer classes, some of which were set to be axed for budget cuts.

About 12 students were allowed in the meeting, and the rest were supposed to file into overflow rooms. But the turnout was larger than expected, and about a hundred students then tried to storm and disrupt the meeting. Police eventually used pepper spray to disperse the crowd, and video captured it all."

The students obviously believe that democracy equals mob rule........"about a hundred students then tried to storm and disrupt the meeting". It's unfortunate that the police were forced into taken the action they did, but actions have consequences. Break the law, be disruptive and attempt to rule by mob get pepper sprayed by police.

At the risk of being called a hardhearted bastard - or worse - I have to say that I did not shed tears watching the video.

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