Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 1/2 Time Out Tuesday ....... the No 1/2 Edition.

It's that time again.........another another 3 1/2 Time Outs Tuesday.....hosted by theLarryD

As readers of this blog know, I had surgery in early March and have been home from work, recuperating these past 2 months. When I talked to the Dr. about returning to work, he said it was up to me; I could return around May 21/22 as originally planned or I could return earlier, if I choose.

I decided to return to work last night (I start at Midnight, so technically I returned to work on May 1st). I think this day is appropriate as Occupiers and other assorted Communists wanted us all to stay out of work today.

Being run by eevilllll Republicans, Georgia, where I live, requires a photo ID when one goes to the polls to vote. Naturally, you need a Georgia driver's license for ID and proof of residency when you register to vote as well.

My wife became a U.S. citizen last year and she and I went down to the county courthouse Friday so she could register to vote. This will be the first election when she can help choose the President of the United States. At the courthouse, she filled out an application, writing down her driver's license number as required. She was putting the license away, when I said that she'd probably have to show the license to the woman working in the elections office. No, the woman said, she had seen my wife write down the number, so there was no need to look at the license .

The majority of elected officials here may be Republican, but I suspect that most of the bureaucrats are Democrats.

Also, this past Friday, the school where my 6 year old is enrolled, held it's annual FunRun......the kids help the school raise money by getting friends and relatives to pledge money for every lap he or she completes. My wife and I attended and I was shocked to see two or three Kindergarten boys take short cuts - cheating, essentially - in order to get the maximum number of laps without wearing themselves out. I was shocked because this is a Catholic school !!!!!!!

The boys should not have been pressured to complete the entire 36 laps. They should have been taught not to even consider cutting the laps short.

Like the title says......there's no half this week.


LarryD said...

the No 1/2 edition....I see what you did there!

Scott W said...

Sadly, all bets are off when it comes to fundraising...