Friday, October 31, 2014

Adios, Daylight Saving Time.....and Good Riddance.

In a few days, my friends in the U.S. will be "falling back", as they say - setting their clocks back one hour to end daylight saving time for 2014. If there is one thing I will not miss about living in the U.S., it is their idiotic clock changing stunt twice a year.

Here in Philippines, the folks leave their clocks be; there's no "spring forward - fall back". I have never liked daylight saving time and I'm so happy not to have to deal with it ever again.

There's never been any call for it here; the sun rises and sets at pretty close to the same time all year long. It isn't exact, of course. There is a slight variation, but I want to put emphasis on the word "slight". We're too close to the equator for there to be much variation through out the year.

The whole concept of DST is an illusion, anyway.

Some fools in the U.S. actually believe that it's the turning forward of the clock in Spring that gives them more "daylight" hours in the Summer. They have not idea that it's the tilt of the planet which is responsible for the increase. Moving the clock forward doesn't make the daylight only adjusts this artificial "clock" that they're programed to follow.

Before starting on this post, I Googled "daylight saving time" and came across an article with the headline, "Daylight Saving Time changes could be a thing of the past in Alabama if legislator gets his way".

I thought I was going to read about a legislator having a bit of common sense. I should have known better, seeing how this legislator comes from Alabama.

Rather than end daylight saving time, by leaving Alabama on standard time all year, this guy wants to keep Alabama on daylight saving time forever.

Alabama state Sen. Rusty Glover said in a release, "Our legislation will make sure that children riding the late afternoon school bus, or working people who get off at 5 o'clock, won't have to come home in the dark."

He doesn't seem to understand that by using DST, the folks who "get off at 5 o'clock" are actually getting off at four. He could accomplish the same thing, by leaving the clocks on standard time and getting the schools and businesses to actually change the time everyone goes home. Just have the people who get off at 5, get off at 4. They're doing that in the Summer as it is. They just don't seem to know it.

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