Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back Up and Running.

Friday evening, before going to bed, I went onto Netflix to watch reruns of some of my favorite American TV programs. As I've mentioned before, I'm able to get around Neflix' geo restrictions thanks to Avast's Secureline VPN. Unfortunately, when I got up Saturday morning, the Secureline was down. Avast was experiencing technical problems and the app was down for about three days.

It's working now.

Fortunately for me, I had already replaced my faulty keyboard and I was able to do some much needed work on my Dumaguetecity.net website, as well as my Dumaguetewebsite blog.

Now that the VPN is back up and running, I'll go to the BBC website later today and catch up on the latest Dr. Who episode. But first, I'll continue to do a bit more work on the website.

You know what they say about all play and no work.

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