Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pope Francis and Climate Change. Part Two - Random Thoughts.

In my previous post, Pope Francis and Climate Change. Part One., I promised that I would post a more comprehensive piece expressing my views concerning Pope Francis and climate change.

This post is not it.

I have random thoughts..... "thinking out loud", if you will. There will be more of these to follow.

The view among those on the Left and the Right, is that the Pope's encyclical will open a huge can of worms, which those on the Right - the more "Conservative" - will not accept.

Many serious Catholics are leery of much of what is being reported as Pope Francis' "progressive" agenda. The comments of one Conservative Catholic blogger appear to agree with that.

"He seems to be aligning himself with the same powers (e.g., the U.N.) who are busy attacking the Third World and killing their babies."

These same Conservatives miss Pope Benedict XVI, who they believe more accurately expressed Catholic teachings. To those folks, I'd suggest reading what Pope Benedict XVI had to say concerning the environment and climate change in his message for the celebration of World Day of Peace, Jan. 2010 before giving up on Pope Francis.

More random food for thought:

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