Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pope Francis and Climate Change. Part One.

It was recently announced that, after his visit to Philippines, Pope Francis would issue an encyclical on climate change and how the problem may affect Catholics. This announcement has, naturally, stirred controversy - par for the course with this particular Pope.

I'm looking forward reading this encyclical and have been giving quite a lot of thought recently to the problem of climate change. I've been meaning to write a post on the subject, but climate change is a difficult subject to tackle. I just haven't been able to completely get my head around the different opinions on "climate change", "global warming" or whatever you wish to call it.

I had spent a good deal of time this morning writing such a blog post. I had completed the post and was getting ready to prepare a jpg. of Pope Francis to accompany the post online. No sooner had I signed onto my blogger account, when my PC monitor went completely blank. Unfortunately, the only way I could track down the problem with my monitor was to check all my connections and that would involve shutting down my PC without my being able to save my work. I lost everything I had written this morning and would have to begin again.

Perhaps this accident was actually for the best. The thoughts as I had written them for this particular piece were not really my best work. I don't think I accurately put down precisely how I think. My putting that original piece online would have been a mistake.

That being said, I want to post this explanation, of sorts, with the promise that such a blog post on Pope Francis and climate change will be published soon. Though, I'll need to do a better job getting my point across with my next attempt.

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