Monday, May 18, 2015

A New Template

At the risk of being Captain Obvious, I've changed this blog's template. It didn't start out to be that way. I few days ago, I had added the Disqus widget for the comments section. I hadn't received any comments, but the widget appeared to be working OK.

One problem I was having with the previous template had to do with sharing my posts on social media. Although the settings were showing the sharing widget to be working, the buttons were not appearing on blog posts. It looked as if my only option was to use an entirely different template. I wanted one as close to the one I'd been using, but unfortunately, the simple template with the white background was not to my liking.

So with the simple template in mind, I choose a Blogger template with a gray background.

I had to redo the Disqus widget and that was a royal pain. It's there now, as are the buttons for Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Let's hope this does for the changes for a while.

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