Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time For Democrats to Switch Gears?

Even as she coasts toward coronation, not everyone in the Democrat Party supports Hillary Clinton for their Party's nominee for POTUS. There are so many Democrats unReady for Hillary, if fact, I had prematurely created a label for posts on this blog entitled The Warren/Clinton Slugfest. Unfortunately, we have as little chance of being entertained by that match-up as we were by the recent Mayweather - Pacquiao love fest.

In a piece for Al Jazeera, co-founder of US Uncut, Carl Gibson writes that the draft Warren movement needs to end. Gibson contends that, contrary to the wishes of Progressive Democrats, Senator Elizabeth Warren has no intentions of running for POTUS and those folks believing otherwise are hurting the chances of Democrats more suitable than Clinton.

The highlight in the article for me was Gibson's quote from Late Night host Seth Meyers regarding those who won't take Warren at her word, "If you asked a girl to prom this many times without a yes, they would ask you to transfer schools".

Gibson's solution?

In Gibson's plan, Democrats should immediately switch their allegiance from Warren to..........Bernie Sanders.

Without realizing it, Gibson has hit on a plan that will equally please hard Left wing Progressives and hard-line Conservatives on the Right.

I can hardly imagine any Democrat that Republicans would rather run against than Bernie Sanders.

Even when we disregard the Left versus Right component of a race between Sanders and any Republican who might win their Party's nomination, there is a recent YouGov poll showing that 92 percent of Americans prefer a presidential candidate under 60. News flash - Bernie Sanders hasn't fit that demographic for a long, long time.

With The Warren/Clinton Slugfest no longer a viable option, perhaps I should create a label entitled The Hillary/Bernie Slugfest.

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