Tuesday, November 22, 2016

After Guy De Maupassant

Over a month ago, I began reading the the complete original short stories of Guy De Maupassant which I'd downloaded from Project Gutenberg. There are 300 short stories in the collection, and in an earlier post, I predicted that this would be the last book I finish reading in 2016.

As I post this, I've read 75% of the short stories and will probably finish them all before this year is out. I've already begun looking into which author I'll read after finishing Guy De Maupassant. At first, I considered French writer Émile Zola's Rougon-Macquart series which consists of 20 novels. I didn't want to commit myself to the task of reading all twenty until I've read the first,The Fortune of the Rougons . I changed my mind about Zola presently when I discovered that many of the early English translations, which I'd download from Project Gutenberg were "bowdlerized" versions of his work.

I have two other choices. Marcel Proust's seven volume In Search of Lost Time (AKA Remembrance of Things Past) which is available at the Project Gutenberg Australia website - the work is under copyright in the U.S., but not Australia.

The other choice is something written by E.Phillips Oppenheim. I may try at least one of Oppenheims novels before making a major commitment on Proust.

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