Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Upcoming Events

The porker seen on the right side in the photo - nearest the lock - is named George. George does not have much longer in this world.

We have several special events happening in November. My son, my wife, one nephew and the son of our dear friends have birthdays this month. Not only that, but there will be a fiesta in Dumaguete, a wedding anniversary for our friends and Thanksgiving Day. Most, if not all of these special events call for a party and George will make up a significant portion of these celebrations.

This coming Monday is my son's birthday - his cousin's birthday is Tuesday. We'll slaughter the pig on Saturday. There will be a combined birthday party on Sunday. Those parts of the pig which we won't eat - the blood, the head, feet and offal will go to the man butchering the pig. The meat that isn't cooked for Saturday's party will go into the freezer for use later in the month.

I won't be cooking the pork; I'll be making desserts for the party and will leave the main dishes to someone else.

Of course, it's expected that I will take photos of Sunday's soirée but I may take a few photos Saturday as well. If I do, I can't say how many of these photos will make their way to the blog. We'll wait and see.

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