Thursday, November 24, 2016

1st in SEO.......1st in Racism?

Back in the day when businesses owned by Christians were refusing to cater to - or bake cakes for - same sex "weddings", I supported the right of the businesses to refuse service to customers whose values did not agree with theirs. Many were comparing the refusal of Christian bakers to bake wedding cakes for such ceremonies as the same as other bakers in the past, not wanting to participate in bi-racial wedding ceremonies.

I pointed out that, as someone who is in a bi-racial marriage, I would want the business who did not accept our marriage to make their views public. I wouldn't want to do business with someone who objected to my marriage and I couldn't understand why a same-sex couple would want to force someone, who objected to their marriage, to take their money. It made no sense to me.

When I learned of the owner of an Albuquerque NM-based Internet marketing company, 1st in SEO and his refusal to do business with Republicans and/or Trump supporters, I agreed that it was his right to do business with whomever he wants, and if he didn't like Trump, then OK by me.

I personally wouldn't do business with Matthew Blanchfield or his company - not because I'm a big Trump supporter, but I do believe that Blanchfield's characterization of Trump as a racist and a fascist is completely wrong.

Personally, I believe Matthew Blanchfield has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but that's his problem, not mine.

I went to the 1st in SEO website to read Blanchfield's letter first hand. While at the website, I did a bit of exploring and discovered that someone has hacked areas of the company's profile.

As can be seen from the screen shots below, someone had changed the company's name on Google Maps from 1st in SEO to 1st in racism. The Google Plus name was altered to 1st in racism as well.

At some point after I took the screen shots, someone at the company had corrected the hack. But, screen shots are forever. I had nothing to do with the hack, but I believe the screen shots should remain available on the Internet for all to see.

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