Thursday, November 3, 2016

Game Seven

After the Cleveland Indians won game 4 of the World Series - putting them ahead of the Chicago Cubs 3 games to one - I really expected the Indians to win the series. After all, at that point, they needed only one more win while Chicago needed all three of the remaining games. I absolutely did not expect the series to go to the full seven games. It never crossed my mind at the beginning that the seventh game would go into 10 innings.

The only downside to watching the games on Philippine time is that if the game is played on a school day, I'll have to fetch my son from school for lunch before the game is over. I always have to leave the apartment during either the 8th or 9th inning. Today, I left the apartment at the top of the ninth while the score was still tied 6-6.

I was plesantly surprised when we arrived from school to find that there was a 10th inning rain dely. The game resumed while we were there. Sadly, I was home when the Cubs took 2 runs in the 10th. I had to take my son back to school before the Indians had their 10th inning.

When I returned from school the 2nd time the game was finally over. I'd wanted the Indians to win. Even though they lost the final game, it was something that they were able to bring it down to a one run win.

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