Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mark Shea Cracks Me Up

Mark Shea cracks me up.

No, really - he does.

Anyone who has read anything written by Shea lately knows that Shea despises Donald Trump. That's fine; I'm hardly a big Trump fan myself, but Shea's attacks on Trump verge on Trump Derangement Syndrome. He should, at least wait until after the inauguration and Trump has actually done something as POTUS.

What really has me laughing at Mr Shea, is his recent post, The Dear Leader revokes WaPo’s press credentials, where he posts an eight month old link, from the Washington Post telling how candidate Trump pulled The Washington Post’s credentials to cover his campaign events. Shea writes;

"Any time any media says anything the Vandal Chieftain and his horde don’t like, they will scream 'fake news' and their gullible base of willing suckers will chant it in unison. This is not a demographic that thinks. It’s a demographic that takes marching orders. And when they have command of the guns, I think it’s quite possible their Dear Leader will see if he can get away with jailing people who criticize him as well as shutting down critical media. And his base–in the name of Freedom and America and Patriotism and Unity–will *love* that if it happens. They long to crush free speech now just as much as Safe Spacers on the academic Left do, for they have become the enemy they hate. He is an authoritarian and his followers are enemies of liberty and hungry for power and punishment of what the Dear Leader calls his 'enemies': namely half of the American people".

Shea calls Trump "authoritarian" for shutting down critical media, yet Shea himself will ban folks from commenting on his blog at the slightest provocation. I've been banned from commenting at Shea's blog on more than one occasion for disagreeing with Shea. The thought of Mark Shea calling anyone "authoritarian" has me rolling on the floor, laughing uncontrollably.

It does my heart good to see Shea switch to writing comedy.

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