Saturday, January 6, 2007

This entry isn't about Dumaguete

When I started the Dumaguete Website blog, I decided that I would try to limit the entries to things that dealt in someway with the website. I had things I wanted to write about concerning Dumaguete but, these were not related to my work on the website, so this blog was created, in part, to handle that. But sometimes I want to write about something other than Dumaguete and this blog can do serve that purpose as well.

Placing restrictions on the other blog has actually made it easier for me. There’s always something going on with the website so I can write something nearly every day. It’s a different story with this blog. The lack of boundaries and limits has made it more difficult. In a small way, it is analogous to comparing Mozart to Hip Hop. Classical music in Mozart’s day had a certain structure. By remaining within that structure, Mozart was able to explore a wide variety of musical ideas.
Conversely,there are no structural limits to Hip Hop….the “artists “ can do whatever they want. However, with it’s lack of structure, Hip Hop is boring and monotonous.

The entries came easy for me when they were limited to my experiences in Dumaguete. I want to branch out and it’s not so easy.

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