Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mass at St. Catherine's Cathedral in Dumaguete

One of the many things on my "to do list" on this trip to Dumaguete , was to get photos -inside and out- of St. Catherine's Cathedral.It took more than one visit to the Cathedral to accomplish this.I was able to get photos of the outside, easy enough, but when I wanted to go inside for photos there was a funeral Mass going on at the time so, out of respect, I decided to come back later.When I did manage to return, there was another funeral Mass so I thought it best to return another day.I was, finally able to get inside photos - as this photo will attest.

Whenever I'm here, I usually attend Mass at the church in Sibulan where my wife's family goes.I thought it would be nice to attend a Mass in the cathedral but I wasn't expecting to. This past Sunday, Cathy and I took her parents and youngest sister out to Greenwich for pizza.For some unexplained reason, we had not gone to Mass that morning and it was mentioned that there would be a Mass at St. Catherine's not long after we finished eating.I was more than willing to go.
Like the church in Sibulan, Mass in the cathedral was Standing room only. And hot.

The highlight of the Mass, in my view, was the singing by a small choral group accompanied by a single acoustic guitar.Several lovely songs were sung but I must be honest, I did not understand a word.But, fortunately,song lyrics do not have to be understood for the music to be appreciated.......that's one of the beauties of good music.

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