Friday, January 16, 2009

Tired of Pretending to be Canadian?

American expatriate,Micha Wyatt is excited about Obama's upcoming inauguration. In fact, she is having a bash at The Chicago Rib Shack in Knightsbridge (London, England) so other expats can share in her excitement.
According to a Washington Post article , Ms. Wyatt no longer needs to hide her true identity while overseas,
"Finally! I'm tired of pretending I'm Canadian." Wyatt said.
The same article goes on to describe Wyatt as a "San Francisco native".
Any surprise, there?

Regardless of who the President of the United States may be, any American who hides their nationality, by claiming to be Canadian, should just go ahead and obtain Canadian citizenship.

Later, in the article,

"David St. Onge, 57, a John McCain supporter who works in the pharmaceutical industry and was in Moscow this week, said he has noticed a change in how his Russian clients treat him.

'They seemed to think better of Americans because we elected a black man as president,' he said as he walked through Red Square. 'They think we're more enlightened now.' "

So, when will they elect a black man president in Russia?

Now, instead of being scolded, we are being hugged and kissed by foreigners who, all of a sudden, approve of the United States.
Anyone who is going to judge me by their slanted view of my country's leader, can - ever so politely - kiss my arse.

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