Friday, February 20, 2009

Misunderstanding Pope Benedict XVI.

After Nancy Pelosi's recent visit with Pope Benedict XVI , JTI writer, Ron Kampeas asks "The pope hectors Pelosi - does she hector back?"

In that article, Kampeas writes that Pelosi should have taken the Pope to task for his handling of the, so-called, "Williamson fiasco". Kampeas asks "where does he get off lecturing anyone about the death of innocents...."

Another JTA article has this about Williamson;
"Williamson was excommunicated in 1988 by the late Pope John Paul II for defying the teachings of the 1965 Second Vatican Council, which removed from the Jewish people the guilt of deicide."

Actually, that's not true.
William was excommunicated because his consecration as bishop was performed against the orders of Pope John Paul II and was canonically invalid. The article leaves the impression that Williamson was excommunicated because of his views on the Holocaust. The writer wants us to believe that the removal of the excommunication is a sign of support for anti-Antisemitism and Holocaust denial by the Vatican.
Williamson's excommunication by John Paul II had nothing to do with the Holocaust and neither does the removal of his excommunication.

Basically, these critics of Pope Benedict's handling of the situation want Williamson to be excommunicated because of his denial of the Holocaust.
As stupid as Williamson's belief is, it is not something over which someone can be excommunicated. Believing that William should be excommunicated shows a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of excommunication and why it was lifted in this case.

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