Monday, February 16, 2009

Tracking Down Red Envelopes.

Yesterday, when I wrote about the red envelope project, I hadn't thought about how difficult it might be to find red envelopes.
I checked a couple of places in town, but couldn't find any (other than the envelopes used for Valentine's Day cards.....and you had to buy the card).

It looked like my only option was to purchase the envelopes online. The online stores recommended at seemed a bit too costly for me....particularly when you added in the shipping cost.

I finally tracked down a good place to get the envelopes at a reasonable price.......Office Depot.
A pack of 50 bright red holiday envelopes priced at only $4.49.

The catch......the nearest Office Depot is 25 miles from here.
The good news......the envelopes can be ordered online with NO SHIPPING.

Mine are on the way.

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