Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chris Matthews Thinks You're a Terrorist.

If you're prolife....anti-abortion, then Chris Matthews thinks you're a terrorist.


Al said...

Gee, I guess us Pro-lifers don't send a thrill up his leg, but it sounds like Gov. Sebelius does.

The fact is, she is the real terrorist for her anti-life, anti-Catholic stands.

Besides, I'd rather be Pro-Life & rejected by Chris Matthews than pro-abortion & be rejected by God.

Anonymous said...

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, CWA accused same-sex partners of those killed of "trying to hijack the moral capital of marriage." Last year, CWA raised a ruckus over a gay Canadian couple that wanted to visit the U.S. together, calling the men "a new threat to border security" and "the latest pair of 'domestic terrorists.'"

"The (Supreme Court) has become increasingly hostile to Christianity, and it poses a greater threat to representative government -- more than anything, more than budget deficits, more than terrorist groups." - Tony Perkins, head of FRC

So, it's OK for these right wingers to call people terrorists, but not the other way around?

LarryD said...

One only has to watch the videos of Prop 8 protests to understand why the anti-traditional marriage crowd can be termed as such.

Robert said...

@ anonymous,
Have you ever heard the expression "2 wrongs don't make a right"?
You can always find examples of bad behavior from the right or the left....but that doesn't give Chris Matthews the right to accuse anyone of terrorism.
I can't speak for CWA. I'm not a member of that group and I don't know anything about the incidences you referred to.
It certainly wouldn't be right for a right wing group to falsely accuse someone of terrorism....but if the shoe fits......

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

You've done the world a service by pointing out the far-left leaning bias in the media


Your accusations are a fascinating topic of conversation and debate, but that's not what's being discussed.

Focus... focus. The question on the table is if Chris Matthews is correct in referring to pro-lifers as terrorists.

Don't try to change the topic, don't play bait and switch. Is Matthews right? Yes or no?

Al said...


Tony Perkins is only quoting the facts.

& while what CWA has a lot of hyperbole, the point is, that they are a threat to all that is good & decent.

Besides, as someone who has been threatened with violence by pro-abortion people while trying to be a part of a peaceful rally, it is the pro-aborts that use violence terror & tactics taken from the Nazi fascist & Stalinist playbooks.