Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Shameless Self-Promotion.

I've mentioned this before....I'm not above shameless self-promotion.

I'm at it again.

In last Thursday's post [2009 Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards.] I wrote how one of my other blogs - D'offus of the Big-Doofus - was nominated for an award.

Afterward, I did a bit of humorous self-promotion on the blog viz a viz the award .....Stealing the 2009 Cannonball Blog Award.

Now,I see the Crescat has commented on the post - even posting the image I used.[a blogger proud to be nominated.]

I've checked the Google Analytics and discovered that the Crescat link has brought in quite a few hits. Of course, now, with the additional attention, I have to do a better job of keeping the blog updated.....and I have to be sure those updates are funny.


LarryD said...

You're getting my vote. More than once if I can pull it off!

Theresa Bates said...

Voting begins May 3rd. And - you know you have my vote...... as many times as possible!