Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caritas in Veritate.

Much has already been written about Pope Benedict XVI's new encyclical, Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth).
One has to wonder, however, how many of these people commenting on the encyclical, have actually read it in it's entirety?
Washington Post Staff Writer, Jacqueline L. Salmon writes in Pope Criticizes World Economic System, Urges Social Responsibility.
"In the sweeping 144-page document, Benedict sketches a radically different world economy, in which access to food and water is a universal right, wealthy nations share with poorer ones and profit is not the ultimate goal of commerce. He advocates the creation of a "world political authority" to manage the economy."

I'm not sure where the "144-page" figure comes from. I went to the Vatican website (CARITAS IN VERITATE) copied the document onto pdf. and the page total comes to 65.

CBS News calls the document A New Globalization Encyclical.

NYDAILYNEWS says Pope Benedict XVI proposes stunningly radical approach to global economy.

I, for one, will follow the advice of Confiteor at The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen who writes:
"....I would just suggest that everyone take the time to read this text in full before paying any attention to the unsolicitated [sic] analysis of the idiot talking heads, journalists and blog commentators."

The Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, has it right when he said,
"Commentators should avoid trying to analyze the pope’s document from their own perspectives or through a political lens. Pope Benedict XVI's comments in this encyclical, like his writing on the economy previously, concern the need for an ethical underpinning in order for any economic system to be sustainable. An ethical underpinning to economic systems must transcend politics."

According to an article on the Catholic News Agency website, Anderson warns against reading the encyclical and then asking how it validates our worldview. Instead, he suggests asking how one's worldview should change in response to the document.

As I mentioned above, I have the encyclical on pdf.. I'll try and read it, though I have a hard time reading long documents such as this one on a computer monitor. Caritas in veritate will be available in book form soon and I may pre-order a copy from

Either way, I am sure this is something worth reading.


Al said...

Started to read it, but haven't made my way through yet.

But what I've noticed on most of the media commentary is 1 thing, they miss the message of the opening paragraphs. There he fires his latest salvo against relativeism & makes it clear everything must be ground in the 1 source of absolute truth & love, Jesus Christ.

Robert said...