Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Again.....Off Again.

Cathy and I are part of a group of families that meet on the first Saturday of each month for a Cenacle and Rosary. There are about ten families involved, although not every family attends every Cenacle. We take turns hosting the Rosary - meeting at a different home each month.

Cathy and I wanted to have the Cenacle in our home this month. This will be the first gathering since we moved into the new house. Generally, we meet at 3:00 PM.....we don't all live in the same city so timing can be inexact.

The hosts of the previous Cenacle will bring the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue and crucifix to our house.

One of the Deacons from St. Mary's church will bless the house at 2:30. The Rosary will follow. After the Rosary, we'll eat and have a house warming party (the non-Catholics will arrive about 4:30 or 5:00).

Cathy and I are both off from work Friday because of the Independence Day holiday. We'll go down to an Asian market in Marietta to get some things that aren't available here in Rome (such as lumpia wrappers ).

Beside, not far from the Asian market we can go to Harry's Market and pick up San Miguel beer.

It doesn't look like I'll be doing any blogging this weekend. At least, this time, it will be by choice. [see: 17 days in the desert.]

Maybe I can manage to post a photo or two Monday.


Dominique said...

Hey, Bob! Congratulations on the new house. And welcome back to blogging.

Mmmm, looks like you have a veritable Filipino fiesta for your housewarming. Consider me there in spirit.

Olga said...

Hi Robert! Congratulations on your new home again! My gosh! I can't believe how Filipinized you have become! Kudos to Cathy.

I can hardly wait to see you write that you have started eating dinuguan too!! ha ha ha!

Robert said...

Hi Olga,
There's not enough Tanduay in Georgia to get me to eat dinuguan.

Olga said...

Waaaahahaha! I thought not! By the way, I ranted and raved against foreigners in one of my entries! You know, of course, that it excluded you, right? I should have mentioned that I have met several decent and good ones, you among them. Too bad that at the time I was writing it, I was too focused on the bad eggs. Sorry for that! Give my love to Cathy and JP! God bless!