Sunday, December 13, 2009

Listening to my own advice.

Regular readers of LarryD's blog are aware of Larry's disdain for the (alleged) Catholic (!?!?) online news source National Catholic Distorter Reporter.
Many's the time I have suggested to Larry that, for the sake of his blood pressure, he should stop reading the NCD NCR.

I should listen to my own advice.

The title of the article made it too good for me to resist reading it; The state of the Catholic church written by Richard McBrien. Mc Brien's first paragraph was harmless enough:

"If anyone wonders why the Catholic church presents such a different face to the world and to the Body of Christ today in comparison with the world and the church of the 1960s and 1970s, we need look no further than the extraordinarily abbreviated pontificate of John Paul I."

Like a fool, I was expecting - after reading that first paragraph - that the article would be an evaluation of "the extraordinarily abbreviated pontificate of John Paul I".
Very little of the piece actually dealt with John Paul I; there's very little that can be said about a Pope who reigned for only 33 days.

The actual purpose of the article was to criticize John Paul I's successor. The last 2 sentences sum up McBrien's point.

"Although he would do many good things in the 26 and a half years he occupied the office, John Paul II's appointments to, and within, the hierarchy were not among them.
And that is the main reason why the Catholic church is experiencing such difficulty today."

Yes, I should follow my own advice. I shouldn't waste my time reading the's bad for my blood pressure.


Al said...

As I will be posting in a day or 2, McBrien has just become the 1st 2 time winner of Human Life International's Millstone award. & this is just 1 more piece of evidence that he deserves the dishonor.

Since I am on meds for my blood pressure, hopefully when I read the Non-Catholir Register it doesn't raise it too badly. As for the agita it causes, well that is another matter.

LarryD said...

Robert - as time has passed, I've laughed at their articles more than getting steamed eardrums. They've become a caricature of itself.

That being said, McBrien's article is an incredible piece of birdcage liner. A comment was left on my blog that his left two sentences were a slam on Pope Benedict too.

LarryD said...

Ooops - poor grammar - should read "It's become a caricature of itself."