Thursday, December 10, 2009

Norway? No Way!

Last year, Barack Obama won the election, in part, because many felt he could magically turn around opinion of us on the world stage and make America popular again.

Now, after his trip to Oslo to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize, Obama's approval rating in Norway is even lower than it is in the U.S..

The is reporting that Obama "has cancelled many of the events peace prize laureates traditionally submit to, including a dinner with the Norwegian Nobel committee, a press conference, a television interview, appearances at a children's event promoting peace and a music concert, as well as a visit to an exhibition in his honour at the Nobel peace centre."

He has even canceled the traditional lunch with the King of Norway that goes with the Nobel Peace Prize. This has the collective Norwegian panty in a wad. A poll shows that 44% of Norwegians believe it was rude of Obama to cancel his lunch with King Harald - only 34% saying they believe it was acceptable.

It seems odd that Obama would turn down this opportunity to bow down to yet another foreign potentate.

It had been reported earlier that 5000 demonstrators were expected in Oslo to protest the fact that a war President would be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not only are the Norwegians unhappy with the One and his plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan, but as this video shows, he isn't the most popular person in Afghanistan either.


Anonymous said...

So much fail, I don't even know where to start.

So what's your point? Do you realize there is a couple wars and a health care debate going on? You're blogging about Obama's approval rating in Norway?

God damn, at least write about climategate or something. That's a gold mine for you guys.

Robert said...

To Anonymous,
Why ask "So what's your point?"
Just read it again and maybe you'll get it.
By the way,I think I did mention that Obama is a war President.

Dominique said...

Oh, the irony!