Tuesday, June 1, 2010

They're Crawling out of the Woodwork.

Checking the Google Analytics, I learned that my post, Boycotting BP had received an unusually high number of hits Saturday, particularly from Facebook. As a matter a fact, it received significantly more than the number of friends I have on Facebook, so I surmised that a link to my post must have been placed on the Boycott BP Facebook page. I attempted to verify that assumption by checking out the page....but there are so many people posting so many links that it was impossible for me to go through the whole site.

At any rate, going through the Boycott BP Facebook page, I see now the number of fans is approaching a quarter of a million.
Jeez, Louise.
As any of the fans can leave links and comments, I came across a link from a Facebook group calling for the replacement of crude oil with hemp oil. A typical comment on that page reads,

We need to harness the backlash against oil, and the best way to do it, is to push people in favor of legalized hemp farming across the United States and abroad. Remember: 6 times cheaper at the pump with no oil wars, no oil spills and a reverse of the greenhouse effect. There's no downside to hemp enthanol
[sic] , unless you're an oil company.

Never mind that we've tried this before using corn to produce ethanol - with disastrous effects on world food prices. If farmers can make more money growing hemp than they can growing food grains the price of wheat, corn, and other cereal grains will go up.

A fan of the Facebook hemp oil page put up a Youtube video which I am posting here. They are really coming out of the woodwork. Watch this video to the end as this space cadet tells of how they are using this oil spill disaster to relocate everyone on the Gulf ...... and put RFID tags on everybody.

I understand now how we ended up with Obama as President.

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LarryD said...

So there's a second leak??????? Why stop at two? Maybe there's three or four!

These loons provide some real comic relief in a serious situation. Thanks for posting that video.

I'm wondering how a BP boycott will help stop the leak.