Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restoring Sanity with Boredom?

I'm not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fan of either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. I realized, of course, that their three hour, so-called "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" in D.C. would be an "event" and as a blogger interested in politics, I'd want to see whatever I could find concerning the rally on TV.

Thanks to CSPAN, I was able to watch most of the rally; I was channel surfing an hour after it started and found it there.

If I would describe the rally in one word, that word would be "boring".

Colbert played his part as over the top, Right Wing Crazy, with typical Liberal lameness. I'm sure High School intellectuals were highly amused. For his part, Stewart's "I'm so effing reasonable" persona reeked of condescension.

With very little exception, the musical entertainment came across as an "old fart" festival. I found the routine featuring Ozzy Osbourne doing "Crazy Train", the star formerly known as Cat Stevens, singing "Peace Train" which ended with the OJ's performing "Love Train" as a group of formerly hip has-beens playing for a group of hippie-wannabes that had gathered at the National Mall.

The song performed by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow will probably become the theme music for the Worthlessness of Progressiveness Movement. The moral of the song......I can't do anything worthwhile, but at least I care.

One theme which Stewart covered ad nauseum was the "some terrorists may be Muslims but that doesn't mean we should hate all Muslims" bit. Odd though, on the several occasions when he, or Colbert, introduced the star formerly known as Cat Stevens, they choose to introduce him as "Yusuf" and not by his now-legal name, Yusuf Islam. Just an oversight, I guess.

Will this rally affect the outcome of the upcoming elections on November 2nd ?
Not bloody likely.

I doubt that there are enough Kool-aid drinking ObamaZombies left to Change least I Hope that's the case.

A man from Florida calling CSPAN after the program sums it up very well :
"I'd get more laughs with an Internet search on "elephantitis". "

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LarryD said...

Comedy Central laid a big fat zero on that rally. Nothing's been said about it by the MSM since early Sunday morning, meaning they don't want to be reminded of how God-awfully stupid it was.