Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Al Gore Lawsuit.....One Week Later.

Thanks to a throw-away post -Al Gore sues Angeles Duran for Damages- the number of visitors to my blog has skyrocketed.

The week before that post - November 19 to November 26 - the blog had received 341 visits from 246 cities worldwide. Now, one week later, the number of hits from November 27 (when the piece was posted) until today, December 4, the total has reached 4790 visits from 1568 cities.

I've used Google Analytics to track down different websites that have linked to the post. I'm including a screen shot of one such link from the says the site is owned by someone in Trondheim, Norway.

According to wikipedia, Trondheim is the "historic Viking capital of Norway". Had I known that a few days ago, I would have had Norway join Al Gore's lawsuit instead of Denmark.

Oh, yeah.....a site called makes mention that Al Gore recently sued the woman claiming she was one of the reasons global warming is on the rise.

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