Friday, January 21, 2011

Warm and Cozy Day.

After being off for five snow days, one weekend and Martin Luther King's Birthday, my son, J.P. returned to school Tuesday. When he came home that day, he brought with him, a note from his teacher informing us that Friday (today) would be Warm and Cozy Day.

I had never heard of Warm and Cozy Day - this was all new to me. According to the note, the Pre-K kids in my son's school would be allowed to wear their pajamas to school today. We didn't have Warm and Cozy Day back when I was in school.......that was pre - Vatican II and the nuns in our school, obviously, didn't believe in anything warm or cozy. I remember we were given a tour of the convent and I can assure you that their home was anything but.

Of course, J.P. would have to participate; it might scar him irreparably should he be the only child in Pre-K not in pajamas. However, my wife decided that none of his p.j.s would do. None of the ones he has would be fit for public viewing. He would need new pajamas.

Being Filipina, it is completely alien to my wife's genetic make-up to plan ahead. Any man married to a Filipina soon learns that putting things off and being late is entrenched into their DNA. Even though she had decided earlier in the week to purchase new p.j.s for J.P., she couldn't conceive of purchasing them until Thursday afternoon when she picked him up at school.

Her first store of choice was Ross where, naturally, she would not be able to find any pajamas for children. Next, she and my son went to K-mart. They were not, unfortunately, able to come to an agreement on what might be proper attire for Warm and Cozy Day so they returned home sans pajamas.

I was at work when I learned of the pajama problem. The obvious solution would have been to go to Walmart, but they were already at home, it was cold outside and my wife didn't want to go out again. It would be up to me to stop by Walmart when I finished work at 11:00 PM. I could be in and out quickly, provided I knew the right size - it shouldn't be too difficult finding a style that my son would like. My wife said size six so six it would be.

I knew that my son's first choice would be pajamas featuring Thomas the tank engine so, of course, there would be none at Walmart. I narrowed the selection to two.....Sponge Bob or Spiderman. I'd play it safe and get both. Good thing. It wasn't until this morning when he awoke that I found out that my son didn't like Spong Bob - or anything else on Nickeloden - any longer. It would be Spiderman for Warm and Cozy Day.

Cathy has taken him to school and she's headed to work. Since I don't go into work until this afternoon, I can have my own Warm and Cozy Morning. It's too bad the Sponge Bob p.j.s don't fit.


Florabel said...

HAHHAHAH!!! I love this one!!!
In Angela's school, they just called it plainly, "PJ day!".
On the otherhand, I cannot argue on the Filipino genetic predisposition of being the last minute.(lol)

Robert said...

You're so right even commented 3 days after this was written :)